Mr Ricky Munday - Mount Everest

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On Thursday 16th July, our Year 5's had a Zoom talk from Ricky Munday about his ascent of Everest, to link with our topic on Geology. Miss Leah & lots of the children joined in at home, and those in school watched it with Miss O'Brien.

Ricky told us that he had come from a disadvantaged bacground in Glasgow but had worked hard to get to University. However, once there he had a hard time at University and wasn't achieving what he wanted to achieve; he felt his life was slipping out of his control. He loved playing rugby and running, so he decided to do a 150 mile Ultra Marathon across the Sahara Desert to challenge himself, and from there set himself further goals, one of which was to climb Everest.

On his first attempt, he had to turn back from a camp near the summit as he knew his body couldn't cope with going any further. That night, a storm destroyed the camp, and he was in the right place to rescue his friend who had developed sever frostbite. The following year, he tried again in a smaller expedition with his own sherpa, and he made the summit just before dawn. He couldn't see the view because it was still dark, but it was important to climb at night due to the weather conditions. He did tell us that he had spectacular views on the way down, though, and showed a video that his teammate took from the summit in daylight.

The children asked Ricky some really sensible questions, and couldn't stop talking about it in our Zoom Circle Time that afternoon - one boy definitely wants to climb Everest when he is older! It was a really inspiring talk - thanks to Ricky for giving us his time for free. He now runs projects helping disadvantaged children and gives talks all over the world, Find out more at



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