Year 3

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Year 3 Titanic Day

Titanic Day

Published on 20th December

On Friday 22nd November, Year 3, clutching their first or third class tickets, embarked on a voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in the world's most luxurious ship on her maiden voyage. Each classroom became the lounge areas for a different class of passenger, however, unlike the ill-fated Titanic, our voyage was successful.
The day began with time to write postcards home followed by instruction in the use of Morse code from our very own Jack Phillips. To fill the long days at sea, the children played deck and parlour games and learnt to dance in a class-appropriate manner (waltz or an Irish jig).
The day culminated in the passengers taking afternoon tea. First class were treated to china tea cups, table cloths and scones & jam, whereas, third class enjoyed cabin biscuits and plain cake.

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Gertrude Jekyll

Published on 20th December

Friday 29th November is the birthday of Gertrude Jekyll, British horticulturalist, garden designer, writer and artist. As part of Year 3's 'Local Heroes' topic, we decided that we should celebrate the occasion by holding our own Gertrude Jekyll-inspired gardening afternoon.
The children spent the afternoon pruning, planting bulbs, sorting seeds, collecting leaves to protect the bushes in our fruit cage and making wildflower grenades. It was an absolute pleasure to get our hands dirty and fun was had by all that took part.

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Year Godalming

Godalming Town

Published on 26th November

On the 13th November, Year 3 ventured into Godalming for the day. Fortunately, the weather was bright and sunny. On our way into Godalming we walked past Jack Phillips' memorial in Nightingale Road and spent some time in the larger memorial next to the river.
Having stopped briefly in the Pepperpot, we went on to visit the museum to learn more about Jack Phillips and to meet Gertude Jekyll! The trip concluded with a visit to the local library, having paused in Crown Court to complete a short survey with willing members of the public.
Our legs may have ached but our brains were bulging with information.

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IMG 1614

Mysterious Lizard Visit

Published on 9th October

Year 3 were shocked when they arrived at school to find their classroom's windows had been broken. What on earth could have caused this terrible event? The only clues they could find were a ball and some mysterious lizard-like footprints.

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Terrible Tudors

Terrible Tudors

Published on 24th June

Our Year 3 children spent the evening at the New Victoria Theatre in Woking watching the Horrible Histories 'Terrible Tudors'. A fantastic fun and educational evening with lots of singing and laughing all the way through. The 3D glasses in Act 2 were a huge hit with the children.

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Year 5 received a tiny letter from the Lilliputian Tourist Board this week, asking for help in promoting the island as Gulliver's stories were putting off tourists! The class received a message in a bottle containing a map of the world with some extra islands...
Ayer, los niños en el año 6 apprendeis Español para el primero tiempo. Pregunta tu niños una pallabre que hablan.
As part of our E-safety commitment, Year 4 had a visit from Surrey Police today for an interesting talk on how to keep safe on the internet. #safeandsecure #edtech