Year 2

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Year 2 Roman Day

Roman Day

Published on 10th February

On Tuesday 4th February Year 2 fully embraced their topic ‘Innovation and Legacy’ by having a Roman Day. The children enjoyed learning about mosaics and made their own.
They did some marvellous marching and took part in a ruthless Roman ‘contactless’ battle as well as re-enacting famous formations such as a ‘Testudo’.

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Year 2 Egyptian Day

Egyptian Day

Published on 20th December

Year 2 had an amazing Ancient Egyptian Day on Tuesday 17th December to finish of the term’s fun topic ‘Cradle of Civilisation’.

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Year 2 London Trip

London Portrait Gallery

Published on 11th November

On Thursday 7th November, Year 2 travelled into London to visit the National Portrait Gallery near Trafalgar Square.
The children took part in a free workshop about portraits and had a superb guide who helped them learn about specific portraits and the paints and techniques used. The children were able to draw their own version of one of the portraits and go crazy with colour by tracing over another.
Afterwards, we walked into Trafalgar Square to have our lunch and soak up the atmosphere and wonderful views.

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Year 2

Autumn Term

Published on 24th October

Over the first half of Autumn term, the children in year 2 have been learning about the United Kingdom in their topic ‘Who do you think you are’. They have discovered what countries make up the U.K. as well as physical and human features e.g. capital cities, landmarks, rivers etc.
The children have also enjoyed finding out about what foods the 4 countries are famous for. As part of this, they loved making Scottish Shortbread.

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Multi Skills Year 2

Multi Skills

Published on 30th August

On Wednesday 16th October, Year 2 visited Broadwater school to take part in a variety of multi-skills activities led by their young sports leaders. The children were able to develop their skills in a range of activities using equipment such as tennis balls and racquets, giant footballs, hurdles, hoops and even a parachute. They listened fantastically well to the young leaders of Broadwater school and really enjoyed the experience.

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Year 5 received a tiny letter from the Lilliputian Tourist Board this week, asking for help in promoting the island as Gulliver's stories were putting off tourists! The class received a message in a bottle containing a map of the world with some extra islands...
Ayer, los niños en el año 6 apprendeis Español para el primero tiempo. Pregunta tu niños una pallabre que hablan.
As part of our E-safety commitment, Year 4 had a visit from Surrey Police today for an interesting talk on how to keep safe on the internet. #safeandsecure #edtech