Solar Centre

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Spring Term

Published on 10th February

This term the Solar Centre children have been learning all about the Romans. We have enjoyed finding out about the Roman army and have been impressed by how good they were in battle. We made our own shields and practised the tortoise formation to see how effective it was at warding off the enemy. Some persistent soldiers still managed to find a gap to penetrate with their daggers!

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Solar Centre

Autumn Term

Published on 18th October

This half term the Solar Centre have enjoyed a wide range of topics linked to our wider curriculum “who do you think you are?” We have explored many aspects of the human body in science and looked at the functions of the different parts. The children were given the challenge to make a “skull” in order to protect their Tunnock’s teacake to show how important the role of the skull is in protecting the brain. How protective was their “skull”? Could they drop it from a height and keep the teacake intact?!
It proved to be a messy afternoon!

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Year 5 received a tiny letter from the Lilliputian Tourist Board this week, asking for help in promoting the island as Gulliver's stories were putting off tourists! The class received a message in a bottle containing a map of the world with some extra islands...
Ayer, los niños en el año 6 apprendeis Español para el primero tiempo. Pregunta tu niños una pallabre que hablan.
As part of our E-safety commitment, Year 4 had a visit from Surrey Police today for an interesting talk on how to keep safe on the internet. #safeandsecure #edtech