Easter Message from Mrs Pedder

Dear Children,

You may feel that things are a bit strange right now.

You can see the sun outside but you can’t go to the park, adults might be whispering more, you are washing your hands a lot and some of your favourite snacks are missing from the cupboard. Maybe the brilliant part is being able to watch more TV while mum or dad works.

Neighbours wave through the window, where you have stuck a rainbow to thank the people who are looking after the sick.

It’s weird seeing people you know from a distance.

You’re allowed to stay up to clap on a Thursday night but what you really want is to see your friends, to run around with them, to tell jokes and stories and, especially this weekend, to eat a pile of Easter eggs.

We feel strange too. We miss seeing you.

Even though the playground is empty, we can still hear you laughing and chatting. It is hard because we just want things to get back to normal. They will. Not right now, but they will.

Your teachers at Loseley Fields will be waiting.

And we have asked the Easter Bunny to pay us a special visit when we’re all back together.

Until then, keep smiling and HAPPY EASTER.

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Great citizenship! One of our Year 1’s spotted so much rubbish when he was out and about that he insisted on litter picking. He now has his own litter picker and has been busy ever since! Well done Jos! #citizenship #litterpicker #litterpicking #Farncombe #Godalming https://t.co/uTjjCX5ODi
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