30 Days Wild

Year 1 have managed something for The Wildlife Trust’s 30 days wild every school day in June. A favourite of the children’s was our butterfly and Moth feeders which we made using recycled plastic bottles, elastic bands and string, decorated them with flowers and filled them with sugar water.

Other highlights include building a bug hotel for each bubble, bug hunting, identifying trees with a leaf ID sheet, planting our own beans and re-potting/growing once established, seeing if we can camouflage ourselves in a tree, observational drawing of leaves and flowers making various habitats with natural resources.

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Great citizenship! One of our Year 1’s spotted so much rubbish when he was out and about that he insisted on litter picking. He now has his own litter picker and has been busy ever since! Well done Jos! #citizenship #litterpicker #litterpicking #Farncombe #Godalming https://t.co/uTjjCX5ODi
We are a hub for the Godalming & Villages Community Store and St Mark’s Food Bank. If you would like to donate, our collect box is inside the 1st automatic door in the schools foyer. #godalmingandvillagescommunitystore #foodbank #Farncombe #Godalming #Binscombe #community https://t.co/lrdbgBVLeV