The Department for Education produces a list of policies that are considered statutory. These policies are indicated below with a *. The remaining policies are ones which we feel help shape our school and aid its smooth running, ensuring a common understanding of expectations. 

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Athena-GEP Annual Report
Athena-GEP Audited Accounts
Athena-GEP Articles of Association
Athena-GEP Trustees of Association & Members 
Athena-GEP Structure
Athena-GEP Master Funding Agreement
Athena-GEP Scheme of Delegation
Athena-GEP Register of Interests


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Admissions Policy 2022/23 (LFPS) *
Admissions Policy 2022-2023 Addendum
Accessibility Policy (LFPS) *
Anti-Bullying Policy (LFPS)
Anti Bullying Policy - Child Friendly
Attendance Policy (LFPS)
Behaviour Policy Statement (Athena/GEP)
Behaviour Policy (LFPS) *
British Values Policy (LFPS)
Charging and Remissions Policy (LFPS) *
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy (Athena/G
Children With Health Needs Who Cannot Attend Schoo
Code of Conduct - Staff (LFPS)
Communication Policy (LFPS)
Complaints Policy (Athena/GEP) *
Designated Teacher for looked After Children (LFPS
Data Protection Policy (Athena/GEP)*
Early Career Teachers (Athena/GEP)
Early Years (LFPS) *
Educational Visits Policy (LFPS)
Equality Information and Objectives Policy
Exclusions Policy (LFPS)*
First Aid Policy
Home Learning Policy (LFPS)
Lettings Policy (LFPS)
Literacy Policy (LFPS)
Online Safety Policy (LFPS)
Outdoor Learning Policy (LFPS)
PSHE Policy (LFPS) - December 2021
Relationship and Sex Education Policy (LFPS) *
Safeguarding Appendix in Response to COVID-19
SEND Policy (LFPS) *
Statement of procedures for dealing with allegatio
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy (
Travel Expenses & Governor Allowances (Athena/GEP)
Wellbeing Policy (LFPS)
Health and Safety Policy Statement (Athena/GEP)*