Year 5

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Henley Fort

Published on 7th May

Year 5 were unable to go to Henley Fort for their residential due to covid restrictions; however we still wanted to find a way to give the pupils something to look forward to and just because we couldn’t go to them, didn’t mean they couldn’t come to us...

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Published on 12th November

In art, we have been recreating the Scream by Edvard Munch. We used oil pastels to create a colourful and vibrant picture.

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Year 5

Rights and Responsibilities

Published on 20th October

As we draw to a close on our topic of Rights and Responsibilities, we took our learning outside to re-enact the battle of Culloden using freeze frames. We had a Georgian side and a Jacobite side, to allow us to see for ourselves the reasons why the Jacobites lost the battle.

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Year 4 Science 2

Year 5 Science

Published on 19th October

As part of our science topic, we immersed ourselves in the circulatory system. We used cups to move deoxygenated blood to the lungs so that it could be oxygenated. It was then transported around the rest of the boy and finally back to the heart.

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