Year 6 Quidditch World Cup!

On Tuesday 3rd October Year 6 took part in the Quidditch World Cup.  Watch the video below to see them in action and read reports from our Year 6 journalists to find out more!
Quidditch Report for the Daily Prophet
On Tuesday 3rd October 2017, Loseley Fields School had the honour of hosting this year's Quidditch World Cup. 
There was a twist to the rules this year - instead of just having one quaffle they used two!  Not only that, whenever both quaffles were dropped, the teams were reversed.  The chasers would turn into beaters and the beaters would turn into chasers.
This year we had two competitive classes go head to head to win.  It was Lyra v.s. Hercules!  Once the quaffle was released, the game had begun.  The Hercules chaser made an impressively strong start by scoring two points in the first few minutes of the game.
Throughout the match, Lyra and Hercules started to catch the snitch more often, making the match more tense and exciting.  When Lyra caught the snitch for the third time they were only two points away from getting a tie with Hercules.  Would it be enough to win the cup?
As the game came to an end, it became clear that the final catch of the snitch couldn't help change the score.
Hercules had done it - the victory was theirs!  
It was a close match, Lyra with 30 points but Hercules had received 32 points and the Quidditch Cup!
Congratulations Hercules!
E. Garland Wright at the Daily Prophet.
Quidditch Report for the Daily Prophet
On Tuesday 3rd October 2017 a 'Quidditch Game' happened between Hercules and Lyra.  The rules for quidditch are that if you drop the ball you have to switch from being a chaser to a beater.  You are not allowed to push or nudge other players.
Hercules passed slowly and brought Lyra in to attack them.  Hercules rushed to score and when Lyra were chasing them they were close to the win.  Lyra lost by two points and the winning score was Hercules 32 to Lyra 30.
J. Tulley at the Daily Prophet.