Year 5 CYE Residential Updates

Tuesday 12th September 2017
After a lovely campfire, we settled down to a rather wild night.  The children slept well but Miss Carter and Miss Cross had to hold onto their tents!
Chocolate puddle pudding for afters=not many leftovers. Lots of tired but still enthusiastic children. Looking forward to a campfire and CYE's souvenir shop. Pleased to report that the children have been asking for showers too!
Sun is shining on us today as we were brave learners in the tunnels, resilient learners in the rafting and archery and fantastic team players on the assault course. Lunch was also delicious!
As strong winds are forecast today, the CYE team have made the call not to sail to the beach today.  We will be doing activities near to the centre and having a camp fire tonight.  The children are very excited about archery and tunnelling: our bonus activities!
Monday 11th September