Year 5 CYE Pictures

Year 5 got their year off to a flying start with a visit to CYE at Chichester Harbour. The best attempts of gale force winds thwarted our plans to go sailing, but the children had an amazing time sampling all that CYE has to offer. The children loved sleeping on the boat, which is permanently moored on the harbour, and kept their rooms tidy in an attempt to impress the daily room inspectors.
Activities ranged from tunnelling in CYE's man-made system, where the children (but perhaps not all of the adults) enjoyed crawling through the dark tunnels to archery, where children persevered with some windy conditions to hit the target. We did get on the water in our home-built pirate rafts and enjoyed team building activities on the assault course.
The evenings saw us walking along the harbour and wondering about the world and was followed by a splendid fire on the last night with some very dubious jokes. Ask the children for their favourites!
The CYE team were incredibly impressed by the behaviour and attitude of the largest group from Loseley Fields ever to visit, as were the staff team. The children were enthusiastic, even in some very damp and windy weather conditions and throughout it all were very supportive of each other. We arrived back at school with the whole coach joining in with a rousing chorus of the Circle of Life sung with the same enthusiasm. We had a very lovely three days.