Committee Membership and Responsibilities

Resources, Pay and Premises Committe - Mr Steve Cosser, Miss Sarah Ings, Mr Keith Hawkswell, Mrs Gill Cory, Mrs Gill Redrup, Miss Liz Cross, Mr Nick Molho and the Headteacher.
Children & Learning Committee - Mrs Gill Redrup (Chair), Mrs Liz Wheatley, Mrs Martine Harry, Mr Andrew Shovelton, Mrs Jacqueline Sinclair, Mrs Esther Sharpe and the Headteacher.
Headteacher's Appraisal Panel - Mrs Gill Cory,  Mrs Gill Redrup, Mr Danny Moloney
Disciplinary/Appeals - Will be made up of three members of the governing body.
Mrs Gill Cory                                         Child Protection (incl Children in Care)
Miss Sarah Ings                                    LA Liaison
Mrs Martine Harry                               Special Needs
Mrs Gill Redrup                                     Premises/ Health and Safety
Mr Carl Piercey                                     Premises/Health and Safety
Mrs Gill Redrup                                     Effectiveness of Leadership & Management
Mr Nick Molho                                      Quality of Teaching & Assessment
Mr Andrew Shovelton                          Quality of Teaching & Assessment
Mrs Liz Wheatley                                  Personal Development & Welfare