Year 2

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Year 2 London Trip

London Portrait Gallery

Published on 11th November

On Thursday 7th November, Year 2 travelled into London to visit the National Portrait Gallery near Trafalgar Square.
The children took part in a free workshop about portraits and had a superb guide who helped them learn about specific portraits and the paints and techniques used. The children were able to draw their own version of one of the portraits and go crazy with colour by tracing over another.
Afterwards, we walked into Trafalgar Square to have our lunch and soak up the atmosphere and wonderful views.

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Year 2

Autumn Term

Published on 24th October

Over the first half of Autumn term, the children in year 2 have been learning about the United Kingdom in their topic ‘Who do you think you are’. They have discovered what countries make up the U.K. as well as physical and human features e.g. capital cities, landmarks, rivers etc.
The children have also enjoyed finding out about what foods the 4 countries are famous for. As part of this, they loved making Scottish Shortbread.

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Multi Skills Year 2

Multi Skills

Published on 30th August

On Wednesday 16th October, Year 2 visited Broadwater school to take part in a variety of multi-skills activities led by their young sports leaders. The children were able to develop their skills in a range of activities using equipment such as tennis balls and racquets, giant footballs, hurdles, hoops and even a parachute. They listened fantastically well to the young leaders of Broadwater school and really enjoyed the experience.

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Tuesley Farm 2019

Tuesley Farm

Published on 18th July

On Thursday 11th July 2019, Year 2 children were fortunate enough to visit working fruit farm ‘Tuesley Farm’ as part of their learning about where food comes from. The day started with being shown how the fruit is stored once picked and then how its packed and distributed to supermarkets. After that, we boarded trailers which took us to the polytunnels where the strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are grown. We were shown how each of them are to be picked and were able to fill up lots of punnets to take and enjoy at home. At lunchtime we walked into the shaded woods where we sat down and enjoyed a well-earned rest. The children were treated to homemade cakes and a pad and crayons to draw with. Before the end of the day we were taken to a big adventure playground which had a zip wire, swings, slides and a football pitch. It was the best school trip ever!

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Brooklands Museum

Published on 27th June

During our trip to Brooklands museum, the children enjoyed a tour of the world renowned British Airways Concorde. We listened to some amazing facts about the aircraft and imagined what it would have been like. The seats were very comfortable!

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Maths Fun

Published on 27th June

In maths the children have been learning about capacity and comparing different amounts. They have been investigating the volume and capacity of several containers and made their own measuring containers using a scale. They had great fun!

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The children had a fabulous first day at CYE, despite the slightly damp weather. They either sailed or built rafts or kayaked or assault coursed - they have really thrown themselves into the activities and the staff have been impressed by their positive attitude and teamwork!
Yesterday was our inaugural meeting of the Loseley Fields Authorfy Army! They created amazing imaginary worlds after watching @moontrug's video. Thanks @guybass and Authorfy for our box - we love it!
Thanks to Susan @SurreyWT for visiting yesterday to help our ambitious Outdoor Education plans become a reality. We're looking forward to welcoming students attending their Outdoor Education programme on Tuesday. #outdoorlearning